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I have a daughter who is extremely beautiful. Of course it is fun but it leads to both desired and unwanted attention. She is now being chased by a stalker, and therefore we have acquired a tracking device so that we can see where she is all the time and she can quickly alert us if she needs. It feels at least a little bit more secure. But it is really sick that it should be needed. She should be able to go out without being afraid for her life. Right?

evening matters

It has been a great day and the children are still at the party. They cannot get enough of playing together and swimming. I am on the other hand incredible tired. I think because of being outside all day and not really doing something. We did a small barbecue at our place but the children did not want anything. I think they have eaten too much candy. No it is time mowing the grass. It is very long due to much sun and sometimes a little bit of rain during the night. And after that I am going to my ...